Chakra Savvy

 Welcome to your emerging suite of online yoga courses that provide a complete, step-by-step energetic overhaul perfectly designed to bust through blockages and come home to your truth, reignite your intrinsic power, and create your best life.

Tell me more about Chakra Savvy Facebook LIVE recorded classes during COVID-19

Chakra One: Embodiment

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Harness the Energy of Chakra One and set a new foundation built on connection, gratitude, and trust in the world. 

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Chakra Two: Delight

Coming 2021

Channel the Energy of Chakra Two and let go of emotions that block access to the sweetness and delight of the life that is yours to live.

Chakra Three: Confidence

Coming 2022

Tap into the Fire of Chakra Three and burn away shame to reveal the self-confidence and power you need to transform your life and manifest your dreams. 

New offering during Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak:

Facebook LIVE Videos

Practice with Jess and her Facebook community as they navigate these troubling times.  Each practice has a relevant intention, calming breath work, and all-levels movement to help ease our systems until this crisis passes.  

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